Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Babcock State Park

My boyfriend and I have have made a couple trips now to Babcock State Park. Neither of us have ever been before so it was a unique experience. We are trying to do more of the tourist things in our own state. The first day we went was on Saturday evening and we got there just after 5pm. They have a grist mill there but it closes at 5 so we didn't get to see it. The next day we got there early and was able to tour the mill. They do need to replace the floors in it though. I am sure its original flooring but its quite weak in some places and if not repaired soon there will be an accident. Also it has a lot of mill equipment sitting around on the floors and if you look in the handout it tells what the equipment is but I think it would be better to have it labeled. They actually grind corn meal there at the mill, they weren't grinding the day we were there because the water levels were too low they said but we were able to buy some corn meal they had on hand. I made corn bread as soon as I got home and it was honestly hands down the best cornbread I ever ate. It also stayed soft longer and didn't get hard setting out like it normally would have. I let a few other people try it and they agreed it was amazing tasting. Fresh is better than chemically processed from the store. The recipe I used is here.

We did some fishing but all we caught were tiny baby bluegills. I would like to spend some time exploring the trails. It is very beautiful there. Here are some pictures from our 2 trips there. This is the lake.

Here are a couple the fish we caught. My boyfriend caught the second one and I caught the first one. I didn't put mine on the ground, he jumped off the pole and I had to chase him around to catch him to put him back in the water :). I promise you they were much smaller than they look in these pictures. I have seen minnows bigger. We are catch and release people so these naturally are back in their home to grow some more.

This is a dragonfly I saw hovering around so I snapped a picture.


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