Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Evan Roberts

The 1904 Welsh Revival moved a nation. One of the most famous men from that revival was Evan Roberts. Evan had led a life following Christ up to this point but still felt led to draw closer. One night he was woken from his sleep and led into a deep communion with God for hours. This experience was to continue every evening for the next few months until he went away to the school at Newcastle Emlyn. 2 weeks after arriving at school he went to a revival and received a fresh Baptism of the Spirit. Sometimes we all need to refreshed in our walk. Cares of life and daily living make us tired and we need to be renewed. Look at walk God accomplished because Evan was willing to respond.
Within a month he felt compelled to share this message of the reality of God and the possibility of complete forgiveness of sins with his home youth group at Moriah Loughor.

Summing up the message in 4 parts, Evan pressed it home to the astonished church

1. Confess all known sin

2. Deal with and get rid of anything ‘doubtful’ in your life

3. Be ready to obey the Holy Spirit instantly

4. Confess Christ publicly

By the end of the last week over 60 responded. By the end of the second week Evan had already started on a whirl-wind tour of the South Wales valleys with his team of 5 girl singers and within a year or so 100,000 converts were said to be added to the Welsh Church.
I encourage you to spend some time in prayer, read the Word and see what God wants to accomplish in your life.


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