Friday, June 19, 2015

Pratisphere Ice Sphere Molds Review

Product Description

Pratisphere's unique ice sphere mold design lets you create a 2.5" ice spheres to keep your cocktail, whiskey, and other drinks cool, but not so diluted you can't enjoy them anymore.

Here's why Pratisphere is better than the rest:

★ Easy to fill: Remove the cap and fill to the line
★ Spheres easy to remove: Pull tab makes removing ice a breeze
★ Space saving: Stack to fit any freezer and conserve space
★ No messes: Large base prevents leaking and spilling
★ 4 Molds: Make 4 ice balls at once

✔ GREAT VALUE - Set of 4 individual high quality round ice cube trays makes 2.5 in (6.35 cm) slow melting whiskey ice balls, scotch ice balls, bourbon ice balls, and other cocktail ice balls to keep your drinks from getting water-downed
✔ EASY-TO-FILL DESIGNED ICE CUBE TRAY- Simple to fill: remove the cap, fill with water to the line, and freeze; other sphere ice molds require filling through a tiny hole and gets messy
✔ STABLE STACKABLE DESIGNED ICE MAKER - Unique design lets you stack sphere ice cube trays to conserve space; large base prevents tipping and spilling water all over your freezer
✔ SIMPLE ICE SPHERE REMOVAL - Easily remove round ice cubes from base thanks to easy to use pull tab on silicone cap; no unnecessary prying & prodding needed
✔ DURABLE & EASY TO MAINTAIN ICE TRAYS - Made from high quality FDA approved food grade silicone and BPA free plastic; dishwasher safe

My Thoughts
I love how easy these ice sphere molds are to use. Just fill them with water and gently put the cap on and freeze for 4-6 hours. Once its froze, you just need to run it under hot water to loosen the ice, pop the cap off and you have perfectly round balls of ice which last so much longer than cubes before melting. Even better if you make the ice balls of of tea, punch or whatever you are serving and you won't get a watery drink as the ice melts. These were super easy to use and so handy to have. Plus I can fill them up and stack them in the corner of the freezer and they are always ready to use and not taking up a lot of freezer space. As an added tip, if you use boiling water to make the ice, the balls will be clear and not cloudy.

Order your set of Ice Sphere Molds today.

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