Friday, June 12, 2015

FSL Zn30 In Ear Headphones

Product Description

Studio Sound
The FSL Zinc in-ear monitors feature a natural and perfectly balanced sound so users can listen to music the was it was intended. The audio scientists at FSL have tuned the Zinc with the perfect level of bass that can suit anyone's taste, whilst allowing enough space for the mid and top end to shine through the mix. The result is an uncompromising, world-class sound that beats any high-end set of in ear monitors.
Redefining Value
The FSL Zinc truly redefines the meaning of the word value, using only the best materials, designed with expertise by some of today's leading audio engineers and professionals. The FSL Zinc in-ear monitors defy the budget price point and easily stand up to any earphones at several times the price.
Zinc Construction
The FSL Zinc in ear monitors not only look and sound great, but they are durable enough to withstand all the rigours of every day use. The premium grade electroplated zinc alloy resists corrosion, dampness and extreme temperatures.
Tectonic Fit Kit
With the included Tectonic Fit Kit, users can choose from a range of tips and accessories to find the right fit for ears of any size and shape. The kit includes: four pairs of silicone tips (XS, S, M ,L), a pair of double flanged tips, a pair of expanding foam tips, 3 sizes of ear fins for extra grip in the ear, and ear hooks for those that prefer to wear over the ear.
Tangle Free Cable and Hard Case
The Zinc feature a flat, tangle free cable for ease of use. Although virtually indestructible, The FSL Zinc also comes with a hard case for added protection plus a place to store all the added accessories so users can stay organized.

My Thoughts
I have a slight hearing loss and have trouble distinguishing between sounds mostly so I often have the sound up louder than others like. I was given an opportunity to try out these headphones and boy were they great. The sound quality is so much higher than I have gotten with other headphones even ones that cost more than these. I also loved that you get a variety of tip sizes since all ears aren't the same.  One of the biggest problems I have had in the past when I tried headphones was getting the cable tangled up but the tangle free cord really did what it said and I didn't have to keep freeing up the cord.  I think these are an awesome deal at this price and to get such quality.

Order your set of FSL Zn30 In Ear Headphones today.

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