Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Detangling Hair Brush for Wet or Dry Hair Review

Product Description

Does the thought of having to face a head full of tangles make you dread the thought of waking up in the morning or shampooing in the shower?

No matter what your hair type, detangling can be a real pain...literally! All of that tugging to remove tangles can be so uncomfortable, not to mention hard on your hair.

Fortunately, there is a safer, simpler way that you can deal with those knots and never have to dread detangling again. The Epique Beauty Detangling Brush is the answer!

Epique Beauty Detangling Brush is nothing like an ordinary brush. Instead of yanking and pulling downwards on the strands, this uniquely designed hairbrush gently separates the strands. Even though you use it just like an ordinary brush, its bristles move sideways along your scalp, making quick work of detangling even the messiest of mats and knots. Ideal for all hair types and an excellent detangler for kids, the brush allows you to completely detangle hair of any length in record time.

While there are other brushes on Amazon, nothing compares to EPIQUE Beauty Detangling Brush. From the unique bristle design to the unparalleled quality of its materials, our detangler has the best design to help you manage tangles. Say goodbye to the "ouches," the breakage and the split ends once and for all. Discover the gentler, more effective and completely pain free way to deal with tangled tresses. Order the EPIQUE Beauty Detangling Brush today!

Stop ripping, start gliding! When you pull an ordinary brush or comb through your hair, you end up ripping down through the delicate strands. As you brush normally, our detangling brush glides through hair from side to side, effortlessly separating knots.
No more tears for your child or you! Why should combing out your little one's hair be traumatic for you both? With our detangling brush, you can remove those stubborn tangles without causing your child any discomfort. Even the coarsest and thickest of hair can be detangled quickly, so your child won't have to fight to keep still for long.

My Thoughts
When I was a little girl my hair would knot up just sitting there and then one day it stopped and it seemed like my hair wouldn't tangle at all. Then suddenly again in the past year that stopped and my hair has changed back to the same old tangle ridden hair. I have a tender head and hate for anyone to try to brush my hair because of it tangling. I got this brush in the mail last week and ended up taking it with me to the hospital when I had emergency surgery. If hair is going to tangle than a hospital visit is the test. I was thrilled with how well this brush worked. I was able to get it through my hair without any pain or knots. And clean up is a breeze. If you have ever tried to pull hair out of a regular brush you know there are always stray hairs left behind. All I did was one quick pull and all the hair came off the brush. I am not sure how or why this works but I know it does.

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