Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2 in 1 Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder Mill Review

Product Description

Twist and Grind - 2 in 1 Salt and Pepper Mill
Recently launched by Inspired Kitchenware the stylish 'Twist and Grind' 2 in 1 salt and pepper grinder is perfect for any kitchen and keen home chef.

Quality Design with 100% Ceramic Grinders
Stainless steel with 2 acrylic storage compatments one for salt one for pepper our grinder is food quality and BPA FREE. At each end of the grinder you will find a grind mechanism which has 100% ceramic grinders. Our ceramic grinders ensure perfectly ground fresh pepper and salt everytime.

Grind Coarseness Adjustment
Each end of the grinder has an adjustment so you can change the coarseness according to your taste and what you are seasoning, choose coarse for steaks and meat, and fine for fries salads and soups or just how you prefer.

We are keen for you to help us to spead the word about the Twist and Grind and the superior taste of freshly ground pepper and salt.

My Thoughts
I have never owned a salt or pepper grinder in my life. I have bought those sea salts that come in a plastic grinder that cost an arm and a leg. Plus it is so hard to grind the salt properly.  You can really taste a difference in the pepper and even in the salt when it is freshly ground. I am going to put pink  Himalayan salt in mine when I replace it. I really liked that you can adjust the fineness of the grinder. I like having more a chunkier look to the spices when I am grilling steak but I don't want big chunks of salt and pepper on my eggs in the morning. I like that the grinder is stainless steel. To me, stainless steel is just a classier look and lasts longer. Its also nice that I can switch out the spices if I want to. I like changing things up sometimes. And since the grinder is a 2 in one, then no more looking for the missing salt or pepper shaker. Just one grinder to set out. 

Order your 2 in 1  grinder today

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Jackie said...

This looks like a nice grinder. I like that it is both salt and pepper in one.

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