Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Handy Panda Bungee Cord Set - 24 Pieces Assortment Review

Product Description

This is a 24 pieces assortment of bungee cords (different sizes) with coated and durable hooks, ball bungees and mini bungees.

All that in a useful plastic case that you can use for your needs or to keep your bungees handy all the time.

Also, you'll find carabiner measuring tape as a gift for better accuracy when choosing perfect size of bungee cord.

Below is more of what you'll want to know about this product.

- Cords and hooks do not break easily (60kN)
- No chemical smell or odor that you could have experienced before
- Perfect for holding your valuables in place
- Hooks are designed to fit into most tarp holes
- Durable hooks have useful notches to hold your bungee in place better

Secure your valuables or hold anything in place.

-- We use high quality nylon for our cords
-- Tough plastic coating for hooks that will not break after couple applications
-- Eco-friendly materials with no bad scent
-- Use our cords to secure objects without tying knots and to absorb shock
-- Hold anything on your bike rack, in your garage or secure your luggage
-- Don't forget our handy plastic case that you can use for your needs

Handy Panda gift - Carabiner measuring tape. Just measure the distance you need to secure or tie and choose a bungee that suits you the best

My Thoughts
Have you ever tried to move and couldn't find any way to get your truck closed. I remember having to move stuff many times in my car and the truck wouldn't shut so I would have to use string etc to tie it semi closed. These bungee cords would have been so awesome than.  Now that I have my mini van I still move a lot of stuff but it fits better. I was moving some stuff but didn't want it bouncing all around the van so I used several of the bungee cords in the Handy Panda set to secure the load. I like that there is a variety of sizes to choose from. I really love the handy case to keep them all stored in. I hate when things end up all over my van and not grouped like they should be.  Father's day is coming up and these would make awesome gifts instead of yet another tie or mug.

Order your set of Handy Panda Bungee Cords today.

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