Saturday, May 09, 2015

Amish Cooking Gloves Review

Product Description

Does This Sound Like Your Oven Mitts?
Stained. Odorous. Clumsy. Incapable of picking up a sausage off the BBQ grill. Once they've handled chicken, they must be thrown into the washing machine in fear of transferring bacteria.
A Better Option
Amish Cooking Gloves will not stain, nor will they retain odors. You will have the dexterity to pluck hard boiled eggs directly from boiling water, peel the skin off a smoldering sweet potato, and grab slices of bacon from the frying pan. All while your hands are tucked safely inside Amish Cooking Gloves. Got bacon grease on the fingertips? You can wash these gloves in the sink - while still wearing them. Wanting to open a stubborn jar of Fluff for dessert? Not a problem.
- Jason A. boasted, "My grill became tamer once my hands bore Amish Cooking Gloves."
- Bayli said, "These gloves made it possible to handle a hot Thanksgiving turkey as I carved it."
Amish Cooking Gloves will protect you from heat as you pull a brisket off the smoker, tear apart pork, grab hot casseroles, and grill like a BBQ master. Opening a jar of snozberry preserves will never again be frustrating. Replacing your cloth oven mitts, pot holders, and rubber jar openers with Amish Cooking Gloves will save space where you need it most.
Guaranteed Amish Tough
Much like the Amish community in which they were designed, Amish Cooking Gloves are resilient and tough. Guaranteed for life tough. In fact these are the ONLY Amish Cooking Gloves backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee.

My Thoughts
I am so glad someone came up with this idea. I am one of those people who is always managing to get burned while trying to cook. Seems like when I try to use a dish towel, its always damp and so the heat comes right through. The grill has always been a huge challenge for me. The heat as soon as I open the top is always overwhelming and I can't stand having to flip the burgers etc.. because of it. When wearing these gloves that wasn't an issue at all. I could even just reach in and flip the burgers using the gloves without a spatula at all. These Amish cooking gloves worked perfectly. I could hold hot pans straight out of the oven and not get burned. Plus I was able to use them to get a better grip when opening jars. I have arthritis in my hands and its hard for me to hold jars tightly enough to open.  This would make perfect household shower gifts. The manufacture says that sprinkling baby powder inside the gloves makes them easier to remove. I didn't have any problems but I can see how in the heat of the summer with all the humidity it might be a factor so keep the baby powder idea in mind.

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