Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review

Product Description

Do You Wake Up More Tired Than When You Went To Bed Or Suffer From:

Neck Pain
Allergies & Asthma
Tingling in Your Fingers

The Problem With Most Pillows

You shape your pillow to give good support but as the pillow collapses and heats up your support goes away which in turn puts stress on your nerves and causes you to wake up tossing, turning and flipping it to the cool side.

Experience The Worlds Most Comfortable Pillow!

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow and Kool-Flow(tm) Bamboo Cover can help eliminate these problems!

Everyone is different and likes their pillow shaped to their individual preference. Our pillow comfortably shapes to your head & neck in any position while maintaining proper support all night long ensuring you a better nights sleep. It will be the most comfortable pillow that you will ever own.

Our Kool-Flow(tm) Bamboo Cover keeps your pillow cool all night long.

There's Nothing More Important Than Your Health!

70% of people do not like their pillows and lose sleep because of them.

Improper alignment of your neck cuts off the flow to your cervical nerves.

With our pillow you will get proper alignment of your cervical nerves which is essential for a good nights sleep. You will get more Rem sleep which is a deep healing sleep that keeps you healthy and alert.

With a Good Nights Sleep Every Night You Will Have More Energy Every Day!

My Thoughts
This is hands down the neatest pillow I have ever owned. It came rolled up like a carpet would be, then when you unrolled it, the pillow was vacuum sealed and about as flat as a pancake. No way, you think this is ever going to work out as a pillow. But once you open the bag, the pillow just magically starts to fluff up. The covering on the pillow is so soft, I couldn't wait to try it out. I have to wake up all night usually to flip the pillow from one side to the other to get the cooler side or to readjust the lumps. But that's all gone with the shredded memory foam pillow. The pillow stays cool so I don't feel too hot and the pillow never went flat. I haven't owned a memory foam pillow before although I have heard of the mattresses. I am going to replace all the pillows in my house with these as they need replacing.  The one I got was a standard size but I plan to buy the queen size because I like a bigger pillow. 

Order your Shredded Memory Foam Pillow today.

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